Last updated: 6/29/2017 understands Problem-Gambling/Gaming (hereafter “problem gaming”) as being broadly defined as a mental health disorder in which an individual has a psychological preoccupation with, and urge to gamble. Problem gaming is gaming behavior that causes disruptions in any major area of life: psychological, physical, social or otherwise. As such, this policy addresses the following areas where we can provide information to promote responsible gaming:

  • Underage gaming policies and practices
  • Responsible gaming policies
  • Self-exclusion
  • Information and messaging

Overall, it is the intention that this policy will:

  • Provide an objective check on internal responsible gaming policies and procedures
  • Insure that customers are of legal age to open a customer account
  • Have prominent placement within the website and app functionality to be easily accessible by users
  • Act as a check and balance to promote the adoption of improved practices in responsible lottery participation
  • Assure our customers and users that we take their safety and the issues of underage and responsible gaming seriously

Mission Statement for Underage and Responsible Gaming

We are committed to responsible lottery participation and are dedicated to an enjoyable and positive experience for all of our players that choose to play the lottery through While most customers will play for fun and entertainment, we also recognize that a small percentage of players may:

  • Attempt to play when they are underage; or
  • Allow the excitement of playing the lottery to affect their lives negatively

We are committed to protecting at risk players to by informing and assisting those who may wish to limit the amount that they play.

Underage Gaming and Age Verification

Persons under the legal age set by each state are prohibited from playing the lottery and preventing youth gaming is of upmost importance to Any underage player who has provided dishonest or inaccurate information regarding their true age will have all winnings forfeited by state and federal lottery agencies and/or regulatory bodies, and any winnings will be treated as an unclaimed prize. takes the following precautions to insure customers are of legal age to play:

  • Every person who signs up for a new account must willfully acknowledge that they are of legal age to play. This further notifies customers that does not accept players under legal playing age
  • When a player creates an account, collects identifiers to confirm that the player is at least the legal age of play in their state
  • does not target underage players with marketing and advertising objectives. feels doing so is neither good business nor consistent with the Company’s values

What You, our Customer, Can Do

  • Be sure to protect your account. All known devices can be set up to have password and/or biometric controlled access. In general, this is a good practice, but it’s even more important when there are minors in your household. Please keep your password private and if you have any concern that somebody else might attempt to access your account, do not allow software that will remember your password.
  • In the unlikely event that you become aware of an underage person using the platform, let us know. Simply send an email to our Customer Happiness team and we will investigate.  If warranted, we will freeze the player’s account and request identification from that player. All reports of underage use of are taken seriously.

Responsible Gaming pledges to our employees, customers, and the community at large to make responsible gaming an integral part of our daily operations. This pledge includes employee assistance and training, advertising and marketing practices, and our commitment to public awareness surrounding responsible and underage gaming. provides a clear set of guidelines, policies and practices on problem gaming, which are posted prominently within the website and app. In the states where operates, intends to provide corporate support of community non-profit organizations that help educate the general public and serve as an advocate for programs and services to assist problem gamblers and their families.

Setting Limits on Deposits and Purchases sets limits of ticket acquisition to 20 tickets per draw for any individual account.  Further, we allow only a single account per person, and we prohibit the use of a player’s account by any other person, or on a jailbroken phone.


If you believe that playing the lottery might be a hindrance to your life rather than a form of entertainment, we want to help you. If you feel that playing the lottery or any other gaming has caused you or your family harm, financially or otherwise, please visit Gamblers Anonymous or call 1-800-Gambler. More information on identifying symptoms of problem gaming can be found at The National Council on Problem Gambling at:

Information and Messaging

Information on responsible gambling and problem gambling is readily available to all customers at  In addition, all customers can access a 24-hour hotline for problem gamblers at 1-800-Gambler. To the greatest extent possible, all policy and educational measures will align with this messaging so as not to negate any intended positive impact. It is important that responsible gaming information and messaging not be overshadowed by advertising and promotion of the gaming or lottery activity itself. While advertising and promotion are important to fulfilling’s business objectives, we are committed to maintaining high standards of social responsibility. As such, all advertising and marketing campaigns and/or materials will not:

  • Imply exaggerated chances of winning the lottery
  • Encourage gaming beyond one’s means
  • Explicitly imply that financial rewards are a likely outcome of gaming
  • Focus unduly on the possibility of benefits accrued to players based on their volume of gaming activity
  • Be targeted towards minors

Final Thoughts

With the legalization of Internet gaming and’s commitment to enabling the online play of lottery tickets in certain states, accepts the mantle of increasing knowledge and improving awareness with respect to problem, pathological and underage gaming (including lottery playing).  The regulation of online gaming should serve as a thoughtful undertaking that provides gamers and lottery players important tools for controlling their gaming habits. is taking a proactive approach to the problem to combat underage and problem gaming and promote responsible gaming.